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Go Green With A GPS Fleet Management System

GPS Fleet Management Tracking Device Helps Businesses Go Green

Many businesses are feeling pressure to adopt “green” business practices and to reduce their carbon footprint. Some feel, however, that it is too big of a job to tackle and going “green” would not be worth the effort. In fact, having “green” fleet operations helps both businesses and the earth.

Reducing a business’ carbon footprint is easy with GPS fleet management. Fleet management software optimizes routes and dispatching to make the most efficient use of a fleet’s fuel consumption. Dispatchers are able to send the closest vehicles to job sites, reducing the amount of miles driven. Using fleet maintenance reports and alerts, businesses can ensure their vehicles are all efficiently operating. By controlling drivers speeding habits, excessive idling and aggressive driving, businesses can reduce their fleet’s emissions and the amount of fuel that is wasted.

Go Green By Reducing Fuel Consumption

GPS fleet management provides efficient routing for the drivers. They will have the most direct route from one location to another. The faster and shorter the route, the higher a business’ productivity is and the less money that will have to be spent in fuel costs. In addition, reducing the amount of miles driven reduces greenhouse gas pollution. This translates into a significant amount of carbon reductions plus a savings of thousands of dollars per vehicle.

Go Green With GPS Fleet Management Maintenance Reports

GPS green fleet management software allows businesses to remotely monitor important fleet information such as engine fault codes, status of the emissions control system and motor oil life. Business owners or fleet managers are able to set up reminders that can be sent via email or SMS text message for vehicle tune-ups, tire rotation and oil changes. These service alerts can be used to immensely decrease fuel usage and help businesses to maintain a “green” fleet. According to the Department of Transportation, it is estimated that over 5 million gallons of fuel are wasted each day because of low tire pressure. Furthermore, the United States Environmental Protection Agency reports that an engine that is poorly tuned can produce 50% more emissions and use 50% more fuel than an engine that is properly tuned-up.

GPS fleet management helps businesses run efficient fleet operations, reduces operating costs and helps save our planet by reducing greenhouse emissions.

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