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GPS Fleet Management Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

Maintenance Made Easy with GPS Fleet Management Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

Never forget about vehicle maintenance again with a GPS fleet management system.

No matter how well you drive and how cautious you are on the roads, being optimally safe begins with proper vehicle maintenance. However, A vast majority of drivers often forget about scheduling their next maintenance appointment or it just simply gets pushed down the priority list. This is until a dash warning light goes off.

Businesses that own/operate commercial vehicles must always ensure they are properly maintaining their entire fleet while being proactive with driver safety. GPS fleet management technology can help businesses do much more than track vehicles on a map – scheduling vehicle maintenance reminders and checking vehicle health in real-time is one of the central functions. Automating these processes removes some of the uncertainties that fleet managers face on a daily basis and will help ensure your fleet is in tip top shape.

The below items include just some of the many areas of maintenance that must be regularly inspected:

Brakes, Tires, and the Windshield

Starting with your tires, keeping them properly inflated and rotated year-round, in addition to inspecting your brakes, is very important as potential accidents and liabilities can be mitigated. Similarly, check for windshield cracks, and getting them fixed on time can help stop the spread of the crack. The proper functioning of windshield wipers must also be explored.


In certain climates, ensuring vehicle batteries are charged can save lives. With GPS fleet management technology, a vehicle “heartbeat” is checked for periodically. Should a problem arise, the fleet manager will be alerted immediately. Never worry about knowing when to replace/check your battery again with GPS fleet management vehicle maintenance reminders.

Air Filter

Replacing the vehicles air filter at the manufacturers specified intervals can help improve performance and maintain optimum fuel mileage. Inspecting suspension components will ensure proper performance when braking, steering and cruising.


Ensuring fluids are topped up and oil filters are changed will not only help the vehicle run better and longer, but also it can be a good way to spot potential problems before they become major issues or roadside breakdowns.

Once a fleet vehicle has completed its service life, a properly maintained vehicle will have a higher resale value than one that has been neglected. Some of these simple tasks over the life of any vehicle can save lives, time, headaches and money. GoFleet can help you stay on top of vehicle maintenance management; GPS fleet management technology has tons of other benefits to help you run a safer and more efficient fleet!

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