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Fleet Budget: Finding Your Lost Dollars

Finding Your Lost Dollars In Your Fleet Budget

As a fleet manager or company owner, you probably spend a lot of time reviewing your fleet budget and expense categories to look for ways to save money. According to Automotive Fleet’s Finding Lost Dollars In Your Fleet Budget, fleet managers usually focus on fuel costs and depreciation. They often overlook the importance of spending a couple days a month looking in other areas to find additional saving opportunities. A great way to uncover lost dollars is to implement GoFleet’s GPS fleet management software.

Reduce Fuel Costs In Your Fleet Budget

There is more to reducing fuel costs in your fleet budget than just searching for the cheapest place to purchase fuel, such as calculating price per gallon and determining the best grade fuel for your vehicles. GoFleet’s fleet management solution helps you reduce fuel consumption by improving your drivers’ fuel wasting behaviors; this can include poor driving habits such as excessive idling, speeding and aggressive driving. Instant alerts can be set up to notify the fleet manager immediately when a driver is driving in a manner that is wasting fuel. This provides the opportunity to have the driver correct the behavior right away.

GoFleet’s fuel card integration allows you to monitor and control fuel purchases. You will be able to lock out any non-fuel purchases such as adding food, cigarettes or other items for personal consumption. GoFleet’s software can also indicate the location of the fleet vehicle when the fuel is purchased. This will prevent fraudulent gas purchases for personal vehicles. You can also control where your drivers fill-up so that they only purchase fuel at gas stations with the best prices or fuel card discounts.

Reduce Vehicle Maintenance Costs In Your Fleet Budget

Fleet managers have the ability to negotiate vehicle maintenance discounts and pricing based on volume. Once the maintenance price is negotiated, make sure the vehicles receive the necessary preventative maintenance. This will ensure the vehicles stay in good working condition and it reduces high costs associated with unnecessary vehicle breakdowns. GoFleet’s Maintenance Assistant easily organizes and reminds fleet managers of all upcoming preventative maintenance. Multiple triggers can be created for each vehicle for any type of preventive maintenance activity based on engine hours, time or mileage. Using GoFleet’s fleet maintenance management software will help you save money on your fleet budget, improve performance and help you follow the best fleet maintenance practices.

For more information about how GoFleet can help you find the lost dollars in your fleet budget, Contact Us.

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