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Computerized Maintenance Management System: Reduce Fleet Maintenance Costs

Reduce Fleet Maintenance Costs With GoFleet’s Computerized Maintenance Management System

Were you aware that emergency fleet repairs cost 3-9 times more than planned vehicle maintenance? It’s true. You can reduce your fleet’s maintenance costs with a computerized maintenance management system. GoFleet in partnership with Maintenance Assistant, offers a computerized maintenance management system as an add-on to our GPS fleet management solution.

Your vehicle meters will stay up to date with convenient automated meter readings. Work orders are intelligently triggered by the API and real-time computerized maintenance management system using user defined triggers. The best part is the fleet manager or business owner can build as many different triggers for any preventive maintenance schedule you want. The work order system in the computerized maintenance management system is the easiest system yet. GoFleet and Maintenance Assistant understand how important work orders are to your business. That is why they have put extra time into making it as easy as possible for you to prepare and complete your work orders in a timely manner.

A computerized maintenance management system will improve your fleet’s performance by helping you follow the best practices regarding vehicle maintenance. It will help you improve your business’ overall performance while saving you money. Your workers will be empowered with simple self-service computerized maintenance management system applications for their mobile phone and the web. With a computerized maintenance management system, you will now be able to fully manage your assets’ life-cycles with a view of all assets and equipment.

The software also has an easy to use dashboard. All scheduled maintenance will now be conveniently located in one place, making it much easier for fleet managers to maintain the vehicles properly. In addition to helping you maintain your vehicles, the computerized maintenance management system has an easy source for you to search for parts. You can locate parts and supplies at the lowest prices by searching multiple sites at one time.

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