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Dispatching & Messaging Solution

Streamline your business. View and manage your drivers in real-time. Dispatch
drivers and send messages, stops and routes directly to them.

Live GPS Tracking

Latest 3G, GPS technologies allow you to watch your vehicles real-time as they drive (no painful minutes waiting for updates).

2-Way Messaging

Managers communicate new stops directly to their drivers’ on-board GARMIN navigation. Messages are then time-stamped and verified to ensure they’ve been read.

Stop & Route

Plan your routes. Optimize by shortest distance. And dispatch routes directly to your drivers. View your daily stops to make sure they are on time easily with our fleet management systems.


5 Killer, Industry Leading
Dispatch & Message Features:

  • 1 Dispatch Stops & Routes Directly To Your Driver’s Garmin Navigation & Respond With Pre-Defined Quick Responses
  • 2 Dispatch Customer Stops
  • 3 Latest 3G GPS Technologies - Allow You To Watch Your Vehicles In Real-Time
  • 4 Powers Up With Vehicle And Monitors Disconnection
  • 5 Drivers Can Change Their Status For Dispatchers

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