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Swissport Cargo Services is a world-leading cargo service provider that handles cargo at 104 different airports around the world. They are committed to providing the best possible customer cargo service to all of their customers, which lead the company to handle over 4.3 million tonnes annually. Like any massive cargo business, the company has multiple different types of ground support equipment for the airlines they work with. Each of these different vehicles requires a specific skill set and training to operate. Having someone operate the system that has not been trained in using the vehicle can be extremely dangerous.


Before working with GoFleet, there was no concrete policy to only allow trained and skilled employees to operate certain vehicles. This led the company to have some major concerns over driver safety and the increased risk of having under-trained employees operating certain vehicles. If an accident were to occur with a driver that was not trained to drive a specialized vehicle, there would be a high liability on not only the driver but also the expensive aircrafts that they normally drive around. Due to this, the company quickly realized that they were going to need a stricter policy to ensure that this kind of high-risk driving would not occur.  They needed to be able to lock and prevent different equipment based on the drivers training experience that was managed by the company’s human resources department.


After extensive research to find the perfect fit, they decided that GoFleet had the ideal solution for them. In each of these vehicles, GoFleet implemented NFC Driver ID Readers that allow drivers to “sign in” to each vehicle using key fobs. We also installed an IOX-AUX cable in each vehicle to connect the NFC Reader to the engine. Then, we integrated our solution with the human resources department to assign specific skills to their individual key fobs. These skills then whitelist the driver in order to scan in and start the vehicle. If the driver does not have the specific skill set that the vehicle requires, the IOX-AUX cable will not allow the vehicle to start and the under-trained employee will not be able to operate it. This ensures that only the drivers who are trained in using the asset can drive it. Additionally, by logging which driver was driving which vehicle at any point of time puts more responsibility on the drivers to drive more carefully, as they then know that they can’t get away with driving irresponsibly without losing their whitelisting to be able to drive the asset. Swissport Cargo Services now has the optimal driver security policy to allow their fleet to be as successful as possible.

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