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Rogue Transportation has been offering transportation and logistics services to healthcare customers across Canada for over 30 years. Rogue provides its customers with GMP-compliant warehousings for storage and distribution of drugs and medical devices, transportation solutions for shipments of nearly any volume or weight as well as ambient and cold chain (2-8°C and 15-25°C) services in Ontario and Quebec.

Since compliance is a top priority Rogue not only has the proper licenses and quality departments ensuring that operations meet the latest Health Canada guidelines for transportation, storage and distribution on temperature controlled products, but that they are using the newest technology.


Rogue Transportation has always made their customers proud with their excellent services and products. Since Rogue is an innovative company, they always sought to find ways they can improve their services and make their operations more efficient.

Before working with GoFleet, the Rogue dispatch team had to provide internal updates manually which turned out to be an inefficient use of their time. With so much time being dedicated to personally updating team members, they quickly realized that there must be another way to efficiently manage their time and work orders. When operations like this continues with no change, it often poses the risk for teams to encounter issues specific to dispatching and order completion.

To avoid strains on work processes, Rogue decided to ask GoFleet for assistance in managing its operations by leveraging ZenduIT-powered solutions.


As of today, Rogue Transportation has been using the ZenduIT TruckMate Integration application for 5 years consecutively – praising the product and its features.

Rogue’s Dispatch Team was initially using the TruckMate solution independently but decided to incorporate the Geotab Drive integration to help their team manage orders more effectively. As soon as it was implemented, their Dispatch Team quickly realized that they needed to update the TruckMate Freight Bill Statuses with the information that Geotab provides.

The TruckMate Geotab Drive integration helped to automate this process as it linked the Geotab product to the TruckMate world by providing Rogue with real-time information by updating all of the freight bills automatically as drivers report on their status through their phone applications. This effectively eliminated problems and concerns with dispatching and work orders and was quickly adopted as a part of Rogue’s operations. In addition, the solution helped to consolidate the dispatching operation to one place for the fleet managers.

By leveraging a ZenduIT-powered solution, Rogue was also provided with a high level of support which allowed them to feel comfortable in using the application day in and day out. Furthermore, Rogue has noted that both the GoFleet and ZenduIT teams have been extremely flexible in providing Rogue with additional features that can be added to the application. Such features include customizing the way Rogue Transportation handles some forms and dead calls.

“For 5 years we have been happy with the ZenduIT TruckMate Integration application and features and recommend the solution to others!” Aman Singh, Systems Administrator at Rogue Transportation Inc.

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