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Fitzsimmons Hospital Services is a medical equipment provider to hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare centers. With a multitude of equipment types available, any facility can feel at ease when looking for specific equipment to fit their needs. Whether it’s wheelchairs, bed or life equipment, Fitzsimmons offers various rental solutions based on the unique needs at hand.


With over 10 locations and thousands of equipment in their possession, Fitzsimmons Hospital Services noticed that as they grew their inventory and customer base, safety and accountability in the transportation of their equipment became a top priority. Before working with GoFleet, the Fitzsimmons Team found that their biggest challenge was the proper monitoring of the company vehicles who delivered the medical equipment to customers. Over the years, drivers were involved in road incidents and vehicles would continually be damaged.

To address the safety and vehicle lifespan concerns, Fitzsimmons Hospital Services decided to ask GoFleet for help in managing and monitoring their fleet with the ZenduIT ZenduCAM solution.


With the help of the ZenduCAM solution that GoFleet provided, Fitzsimmons Hospital Services drastically increased visibility of their fleet and the driving behaviours of their team. With advanced dash cameras in 57 vehicles, fleet managers were able to better oversee drivers on a daily basis and review video footage when required. 

With the cameras in place, fleet managers were able to review driving footage to fight false claims, coach drivers and monitor for unsafe behaviour. As a result, the team noticed that there were less accidents reported, a reduction in unsafe driving behaviour and an increase in safe deliveries resulting in no damage to the equipment being transported. By being able to view over 6 months of triggered driving exceptions in the cloud and request video of historical events, better training could be implemented. This drastically increased the overall safe driving habits of drivers. 

“We are very happy with the ZenduCAM solution and the service that GoFleet offers! The ability to set rules and triggers to know when driving incidents have taken place has made such a difference for our fleet when it comes to safety! And the footage has allowed us to continuously improve our training and coaching!” Greg Banks, Fitzsimmons Hospital Services

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