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Internet Company Launches GPS Tracking For Food Trucks In Saskatoon

Internet Company Launches GPS Tracking For Food Trucks In Saskatoon

Residents of Saskatoon, Canada looking for their favorite food trucks are now in luck. A local website is using GPS technology to track local food trucks in the city. The trucks locations are pinned on Google Maps so customers can see exactly where they are at. Customers will also be able to find out if the food truck is operating that day.

Website developers thought of the idea when they were trying to keep up with all the food truck’s Twitter feeds to find out where the trucks would be that day.

All food truck owners have to do is flip on a switch inside of their truck and the GPS will be turned on. When the truck closes for the day, all they have to do is turn the switch off. It is really that simple.

Convincing food truck owners to use GPS trackers was the easiest part. Food trucks owners love the idea that their customers will be able to find them with a visit to the website. There is no reason that they would not want to do it. It is a win-win for the food trucks, customers and the website developers.

The website developer also gave another local website special permission to use their technology. They were not concerned about competition because both sites have different goals. The other website will provide food truck descriptions and a way for businesses to book food trucks for upcoming events.
The GPS map is only a small portion of the second website.

The two sites are happy to work together to support local Saskatoon food trucks. One of the websites is focused on providing a valuable service to the customers. The other site is working a promotion site for the food trucks.

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