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GPS Tracking Devices for Landscaping Vehicles & Lawn Care Trucks

gps tracking devices for landscaping vehicles lawn trucks

GPS Tracking Devices for Vehicles

If you are the owner, operator or manager of a landscaping, maintenance or lawn care business you know your clients count on you to ensure you meet all their needs on time as quickly and efficiently as possible. Let GoFleet help you do all you can to prevent customer complaints, save on fuel, and provide you with real-time 24/7 location of your vehicles to improve dispatching capabilities. We help you optimize your business through easy-to-use GPS tracking solutions.

Here are a few of the ways that GPS tracking for vehicles in landscaping and lawn care management can help your business:


  • Keep an Eye on Employee Behavior
    Essentially, when you are monitoring your vehicles you will also be monitoring your employees. In doing so, you will be able to see if they are wasting any valuable time throughout the day. How long are their breaks? How much time they are spending at each job site? If your drivers are taking long breaks or spending too much time at certain job sites, you can address the problem with them directly to fix it or put a stop to it.



  • Route and Dispatch Optimization
    Route optimization is one of the assisting factors in reducing fuel costs and also decreasing the amount of travel time to the next customer location or job site. Having access to vehicle location and status 24/7 allows fleet managers and/or dispatchers to send the closest crew or truck to the next location or send an extra crew if one job site is taking too long. This can be done quickly and easily through Garmin integration with our GO device and will also supply step-by-step directions to the drivers.



  • Reduce Labor & Overtime Costs
    With more efficient dispatching and routing, your workers will waste less time travelling and more time at job sites. Included with our vehicle fleet management, we provide time card reporting to ensure there will be no discrepancies in recorded versus actual overtime worked.



  • Monitor Fuel Consumption & Fuel-Ups to Decrease Costs
    Fuel is one of the largest expenses for landscaping and lawn care companies, so monitoring and controlling fuel usage is crucial in eliminating unnecessary costs. Implementing GPS fleet tracking for your landscaping and lawn care vehicles assists in reducing fuel costs in multiple ways such as: monitoring idle time, efficient route planning, audible alerts for aggressive driver behavior, fuel usage reports and more. In addition, we offer fuel card integration to track and verify all fuel transactions and eliminate fuel theft.



  • Keep Assets Safe & Secure
    With our GPS tracking devices your vehicles will be monitored 24/7; if anyone was to steal a vehicle you would be able to track where they were taking it in real-time, alert the police, and then track down the vehicle and the person who stole it. If your employees take your vehicles home, you will also be able to monitor after hour usage.



  • Monitor Driver Safety with GPS Tracking Devices for Vehicles
    (Including Speeding, Braking, Dangerous Driving)
    With our GPS fleet management software, you will not only be able to monitor driver behavior but also address it immediately as it occurs. Other software may produce reports on driver behavior, which ours does as well, but in addition we offer in-vehicle audible (beeping) alerts in real-time. For example, if you set the alerts for 5 miles over the speed limit, every time a driver goes above the posted road speed by 5 miles the GPS device will start beeping to alert them and will not stop beeping until the behavior is corrected.



  • Decrease the Cost of Insurance Premiums
    When monitoring your fleet and correcting driver behavior you’re making the roads safer and decreasing liability. With decreased liability comes cheaper insurance costs. Participating insurance providers will save you money by offering competitive rates and comprehensive insurance coverage when you implement a GPS fleet tracking system.


With GoFleet you can assign alerts to inform you of a variety of useful information such as the speed limit traveled by drivers and the distance of a specific vehicle or asset from a set location. Overall our GPS tracking for vehicles services can help your business become much more efficient and effective on a day to day basis! Join the many lawn care and landscaping companies, like Clintar, in running a more efficient and safer fleet through implementing our GPS tracking devices for vehicles.

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