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Current Trends In GPS Fleet Management Systems

GPS Fleet Management: Current Trends

There is one thing you can always count on with trends in GPS fleet management systems, constant change. Fleet managers should stay on top of the current fleet management trends because the new technologies can be used to improve fleet operations, improve efficiencies and improve costs.

More Tablet and Smartphone Integration

GPS management systems are becoming more integrated with smartphones and tablets. This capability allows fleet managers to have job dispatch information, vehicle diagnostics and vehicle tracking at their fingertips no matter where they are. They will be able to make decisions about the fleet in real-time even when they are out of the office. This will help businesses control vehicle maintenance costs, reduce drivers’ poor driving habits, and lower fuel costs.

Customer Access

Some businesses are taking the use of GPS management systems to improve customer service a step further. These companies are allowing their customers to log into their GPS management systems application directly. Customers are able to check the vehicle locations in relation to their delivery, service needs and much more.

Other businesses are letting carriers and shippers access their GPS management systems application to improve receiving scheduling. Delivery companies are able to make better decisions about planning, and keep their drivers productive and happy.

Integration With Social Media

Some businesses are using GPS fleet management systems to let their customers know about the locations of their fleet. For example, food trucks companies are posting their fleet’s exact location on social media. They automatically update the GPS location to their Twitter and Facebook followers. Integrating the GPS management systems with social media applications helps the followers know where the food trucks are in the area, makes it easier to acquire more customers and helps the company cater to their loyal followers.

As more and more companies discover the different ways to use GPS location data to appeal to their employees and customers, more companies will integrate their GPS management systems with social media.

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