3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Company’s Response Speed

A common reoccurring complaint from customers about different businesses is regarding poor response time. Customers complain about lengthy hold times, the huge window when a service person may (or sometimes may not) appear, or waiting to get a callback regarding an issue. Poor response times can damage a business’ brand and bottom line, but solutions are available to reduce your company’s response time.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
A virtual private network, also known as a VPN, gives employees access to the business’ internal resources. These resources include anything from inventory and order management to internal calendars. Access to these allows your employees to answer customer questions or problems right on the spot. This will also allow employees to provide customers with a timetable for the delivery of a replacement part or new order.

FAQs and Searchable Databases
More often than not customers will try to find an answer for themselves before they call the customer support line. Developing an FAQ with answers to the most commonly asked questions or problems your customers are facing is an excellent way to address common issues. GoFleet’s support team has adopted this technology and has found great success with it thus far.

Upgrade Fleet Management
Unnecessary idle time and poor route planning have a more significant impact on your fleet’s response time than you may think. Service calls and delivery times can be unpredictable and reduce customer satisfaction and trust. Businesses that start out with one truck often develop unofficial policies to guide their fleets; upgrading your fleet management can more than pay for itself in customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction then leads to referrals and repeat customers. A specialist in upfitting in Calgary advises outsourcing fleets to a management service with GPS (such as GPS fleet tracking by GoFleet) which will dispatch the closest vehicle to the address, reducing the time between receiving the service call and getting a vehicle on-site to a minimum.

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Original Article: Business 2 Community