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Software Management Tools For The Transportation Industry

Transportation Industry Software Management Tools

The transportation industry is able to take advantage of virtually all software management tools that GPS fleet tracking systems have to offer. The benefits are not just for large transportation corporations; small transportation companies can take advantage of all of the software management tools too.

– Reduce operating costs: Software management tools can reduce many unnecessary overhead expenses by eliminating unauthorized usage of vehicles, unnecessary overtime, billing discrepancies and excessive fuel consumption.

– Improve customer service: The software management tools allows transportation companies to provide first class customer service with accurate times of arrival, exact vehicle locations and shorter service windows.

– Superior routing and dispatching: GPS fleet tracking systems provide efficient route planning with predictable scheduling which reduces driving time between destination points. The system also improves dispatching by preventing inaccuracies. It also improves communication between dispatchers and drivers.

– Maintenance management: Software management tools allows fleet managers to organize and stay on top of preventative maintenance schedules. Fleet managers can also set up reminders for all maintenance activities based on engine hours, mileage, engine hours or time.

– Improve driver safety: Enhance driver security and safety by monitoring driver behavior, tracking vehicle activity, and providing direct support and assistance to the driver.

– Competitive advantage: Transportation companies can gain a competitive advantage by implementing a GPS fleet tracking system with software management tools. The company will provide better service, reduce costs and increase the bottom line.

– Vehicle real-time tracking and location information. When a transportation company uses software management tools, they will always know where their vehicles and drivers are. In addition, they will be able to locate vehicles in the event they are lost or stolen with exact vehicle location details.

GoFleet offers a wide range of software management tools for transportation companies of all sizes. For more information about how your transportation company can benefit from a GoFleet fleet tracking system, Contact Us.

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