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Required Skills of a Fleet Manager to Career Longevity

Automotive Fleet, featured in the recent Bobit Publication, provided insight into the secrets of increasing ones longevity in fleet management. The five main points below are the essentials to being a great fleet manager over time.

    1. Be Adaptable & Flexible

Business decisions set by a firm’s leadership can create shifts in fleet management practices. Fleet managers must be willing to adapt to the business, even if the new direction was not originally anticipated or desired. Instead of fighting the change, fleet managers should take initiative to recommend change that aligns with the firms overachieving goals and objectives.

    1. Be a Lifelong Learner

Fleet managers need to have the motivation to constantly learn and discover. Being self-satisfied does not lead to learning new skills, instead, take the opportunity to learn while on the job. This real-world experience occurs with job longevity that will also make you a valuable asset to your company.

    1. Be Open-Minded

It’s important to give serious consideration to new ideas that come from industry publications, employees, drivers, suppliers, and other managers. Out of the box thinking can often lead to creative solutions to difficult problems. Open-mindedness leads to new opportunities.

    1. Be a Team Player

It’s not enough to just manage your fleets and drivers to optimal points, you need to be a team player as well. It is important to get your team on your side, working with you instead of just for you. Developing strong relationships is directly linked to greater employee productivity and loyalty.

    1. Thrive on Change

In addition to the first point, not only should a fleet manager adapt to change, but also thrive on it.

Original Article From Geotab:

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