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Police Use GPS Unit To Find Break-In Victims

GPS Units Used by Police To Find Break-In Victims

Police were investigating a report of shooting on Sunday night in Salisbury, North Carolina. The investigation into the shooting did not lead to anything; however Officer West noticed three men walking in the area acting suspiciously.

Officer West spoke to the three men briefly and they gave him permission to search them. When Marterius Robinson, one of the three, was about to be searched, he told West that he had a bag located under his jacket. As West searched the bag, he discovered various electronics including cell phones, a GPS unit, and power cords. In addition, there was loose change and several other miscellaneous objects.

Officer West was aided by Sgt. Brooks and Officer Martinez to search the other two men, James Luther and Daniel Chambers. There were more items found on them.

During the search, one of the officers decided to turn-on the GPS unit he found during the search. He pressed the icon labeled “Home”. The home address was located on Fairmont Avenue and was not one of the suspects’ addresses. The police officers went to the “Home” address. When they arrived, they discovered that there were several car break-ins at that location. The items that the officers found on the three suspects during the search were items stolen from the break-ins.

The three men later admitted to all of the crimes. They told the police that they broke into the cars that were unlocked and retrieved anything they could find in the car. They also opened the trunks to find additional items to steal.

The police officer’s quick thinking with the GPS unit and the “Home” address resulted in hundreds of dollars in stolen property being returned to the rightful owners. The three men were charged with breaking and entering, injury to personal property and larceny. They are each being held under a $25,000 bond.

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