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Amtrak Pleases Customers with Real Time GPS Trackers

Amtrak Offers A Customer Benefit Through Their Real Time GPS Trackers.

If you’ve ever stood, peering over the platform and worrying about when your train will arrive, Amtrak has solved their traveler’s problems—you can now quickly track train routes with a real time GPS tracker incorporating Google Maps. Amtrak introduced the interactive train locator map using the Google Maps Engine on Monday.

The map shows the specific locations of Amtrak’s 300 national trains and the time that train is predicted to arrive at a particular station. Sensors embedded on train tracks send location data via real time GPS trackers installed on each train. Then, the map data is passed to the Google Maps Engine along with station data from Amtrak’s content management system.

Travelers can search for trains by name or train number on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Previously, passengers could only see a text list of train statuses and arrival times.

Users can search for trains by name or train number on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Previously, passengers could only see a text list of train statuses and arrival times.

Within a year, Amtrak hopes to add local transit, restaurants and tourist attractions to its maps. Real time GPS Trackers are the future and Amtrak customers will greatly benefit from this new technology.

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