Man Down System: Meet Lone Worker Safety Needs Of Personnel Working In Hazardous Occupations

Immediately identifies, by name, any person(s) whose device is in alarm. The only lone worker alarm system that can transmit alarms and receive messages. Satellite Iridum Failover IOX allows communication in and out of cell coverage.
GeoPointsGPS® is rechargeable, UL/CSA IP67 intrinsically safe and ruggedized for hazardous environments. Continous 24 hours of operation with a 6-8 hour recharge time.
Modify your notification emails so that dispatchers can quickly identify the correct response in the event of an alarm. Managers can also receive automatic notifications when a worker goes out of range.

Two-way radio signalling device that provides automatic and total accountability.

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IP67 Rated

Rechargeable, Heavy Duty, & Safe

Rechargeable batteries eliminate the need to change batteries and the extra cost.


Device Durability

Lone worker safety and protection provided by intrinsic safety certification allows for use in almost any hazardous environment.

Man Down System loud alarm

Man Down System Alerts

Loud audible alarm, 98+ dBA audio SPL.

increase safety

Remote Location Management

Safely manage and protect workers in remote locations using this man down system.


Confirmation System

Ensure lone worker safety with the lone worker check-in feature.

Line Of Sight

Line Of Sight

Up to two miles line of sight from a vehicle to pinpoint worker down.


Notification System

Receive an automatic notification when a worker goes out-of-range.

motion detector

Motion Sensor

Incapacitated workers are protected by motion sensor accelerometer trigger alarm.


Emergency Contact

Alarm will sound and alert help either through the motion sensing timer or manual panic button.

man down system

Lone Worker Safety

An alarm will sound to let the lone worker know help has been alerted. If the alarm was triggered through no motion being sensed but the worker is safe, he or she can move to stop the alarm.


Battery Endurance

Provides up to 80 hours of operation time between charges, and takes about 6-8 hours to recharge.


Rechargeable Capabilities

This man down system can be recharged in a vehicle and used for extended periods of time.

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