ZenduCAM: Multi-Camera Solution

Users can view live HD footage recorded by the ZenduCAM camera at any time in the MyGeotab add-in. Cameras can be positioned facing the road in front of the vehicle, inside of it, behind it, on the sides, as well as any other preferred position. Footage is never taped over.
Connect up to 4 cameras per vehicle, allowing you to view the road in front, behind and beside the vehicle. Cameras can also be set up to view in-vehicle activity.
The multi-channel solution presents many different options for camera and installation configurations. The above image is just one example.
ZenduCAM enables MyGeotab users to play back driving footage based around rules defined in MyGeotab. Examples of rules include but are not limited to Speeding, Idling, Hard Acceleration, Harsh Braking, among others. Rule violation footage can also be downloaded, saved or sent to others.
ZenduCAM records real-time footage of driving events triggered by defined rules in the Geotab telematics solution. When rule violations occur, recorded footage can be sent to a Fleet Manager’s email to facilitate quick and effective responses, if necessary.
ZenduCAM is also available to view on a smartphone or tablet. The application is available on Android and iOS platforms.

Connect Up to 4 Live-Streaming Fleet Cameras

The ZenduCAM Multi-Camera Solution has multiple camera inputs for connecting up to 4 cameras in a single vehicle. The solution is also equipped with a 3-Axis G-Sensor, a microphone, a panic button and a GPS receiver. Various camera options are available, allowing for a vast number of possible combinations. The multi-camera solution is ideal for school buses, taxis, semi-trucks, tow trucks, fork-lifts, ambulances, garbage trucks, among other vehicle types.




Live Streaming & Playback

MyGeotab users can play back driving footage based around rules defined in MyGeotab.

Paperless log management

Complete, Dynamic Insight into Vehicle Activity

The multi-camera solution will provide you with a window into the road in front, behind and beside the vehicle. Cameras can also be set up to view in-vehicle activity. Respond quickly and effectively to events with an appropriate response based on this dynamic footage.


Unlimited Cloud Storage

With unlimited cloud storage, you will never miss a critical event simply because your dash camera recorded over old footage.

IP67 Rated

Protect your Organization

Recorded footage will exonerate your business from false allegations and clarify conflicting reports.


Shareable Web Links to a Specific Recording

Share recorded footage of crucial events, such as violations of defined rules in Geotab, that occur on the road.


Advanced Monitoring

Login from anywhere and from any device with the ZenduCAM add-in to our web-based telematics solution. Footage can also be accessed using the ZenduCAM mobile application.


Event Recording Triggered by Geotab Rules

All rule violations are automatically captured by the system. Examples of rule types include, speeding, harsh driving events, accidents, PTO, unintended lane departures, and so on.


Enhance Driver Safety

Monitor driver safety habits to ensure your drivers are following safe practices. Reconstruct and better understand how accidents occur by reviewing recorded footage on any side of the vehicle.

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