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Protect Your Heavy Machinery With GPS Tracking Fleet Management

heavy equiptment - GPS Tracking Fleet Management

Protect Your Heavy Machinery With GPS Tracking Fleet Management

Installing a GoFleet GPS tracking fleet management system on your fleet of heavy machinery will help your company run at peak efficiency. Purchasing heavy machinery is a significant investment. Maintaining operation hours and mileage data can turn into an administrative nightmare. With a heavy equipment GPS tracking system, you can reduce the administrative stress, keep tabs on all of your heavy machinery and use the data to manage your fleet more effectively.

Your business runs good when your heavy equipment is in top condition. GoFleet’s GPS tracking fleet management system can send you alerts reminding you of vehicle maintenance. In addition, you can set alerts to let you know when your drivers have exceeded set speed limits or if they leave your machinery idling excessively. The GPS tracking fleet management system alerts are easy to setup. You can get alerts sent by text, email or displayed on your computer screen.

You are in the business of providing a service for your customers, not collecting data and filling out paperwork. The GoFleet GPS tracking fleet management system software will prepare reports, maintain operation hours and track mileage automatically. You will not have to call around to the drivers just to find out where your heavy machinery is. With GoFleet, you will have location information available at your fingertips, in real-time.

GoFleet’s GPS tracking fleet management system has devices that are easy to install in all of your fleet vehicles regardless of what type they are. You can have devices installed in your cars, trucks and heavy machinery so you always know where all of your vehicles are.

One of the best features of GoFleet’s GPS heavy equipment tracking system is the added security. Most business owners are worried that their heavy equipment will be stolen and there is little chance that it will be recovered. You will be able to sleep better at night with a GPS tracking fleet management system. GoFleet has helped many clients retrieve stolen equipment with real-time global positioning.

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