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GPS Fleet Management Solutions Make Life Easier

Make Life Easier With GPS Fleet Management Solutions

A fleet manager’s job is usually stressful and complex. When the fleet is large, holds valuable cargo or is a critical component of the company’s operations, the task of managing the fleet is even more stressful. Regardless of the size of the fleet, GoFleet’s GPS fleet management solutions can make a fleet managers life easier through vehicle tracking, route planning, improved dispatching, Garmin integration, etc.

Vehicle Tracking

When people think about GPS fleet management solutions, they usually think about vehicle tracking. Fleet managers will be able to instantly see where each and every company vehicle is located from the convenience of their computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Not only are fleet managers able to see where each vehicle is, they can see were each vehicle has been, and the speed they are going.

Vehicle tracking also allows the fleet managers to see how their employees drive on the road. For example, they can see if their employees are driving aggressively, idling excessively, driving out of the authorized zone, deviating from the given route or making long stops. Instant alerts can be set up to notify the fleet manager or customized reports can be run at the manager’s convenience. These features help fleet managers improve productivity, save money and even improve customer service.

Improved Route Planning and Dispatching

With GoFleet’s fleet management solutions, automatic and efficient routes are created based on your drivers’ destinations. The routes are planned in a manner that reduces the amount of time the driver spends on the road and the total miles traveled. Drivers will be able to visit more customers in the same amount of working hours. In addition, efficient routing reduces the amount of overtime required by your drivers and the amount of fuel used.

Dispatchers will be able to see where each vehicle is when a customer calls for service. They will be able to send the closest driver to an urgent service call. Customers will no longer have to be given long service windows. Your dispatchers will be able to provide accurate estimated times of arrivals that your customers will really appreciate.

Garmin Integration

If your drivers are already using Garmin GPS devices for navigation, you can integrate them with your GoFleet GPS fleet management to improve your company’s efficiencies even further. It allows your drivers to get more done in less time and respond better to service calls. Garmin integration streamlines dispatching and communications, increases driver productivity, and boosts efficiency. Fleet managers love that it is simple to use, affordable and helps make their life easier.

For more information about how GoFleet solutions can make your life easier, Contact Us today.

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