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Global Tracking System: Food & Beverage Service Industry

Food & Beverage Service Industry: Global Tracking System

Businesses in the food and beverage service industry have many different distribution points spread over a wide area. Their fleet vehicles are constantly traveling all over the map to distribute food and beverage products. These companies need a system to keep track of their vehicles, manage their drivers and provide efficient product delivery to their customers. In addition to helping companies in the food and beverage service industry run smoother fleet operations, a global tracking system can ensure the security of the vehicles and products. GoFleet’s global tracking system is the optimal solution.

Know Your Specific Business Needs

Before you implement a global tracking system, it is important that you know what your business needs are specifically. Consider the following questions:

– How are you currently ensuring the security of your food and beverage service distribution vehicles?

– How often do your delivery and pickup locations change?

– What type of information do you need to collect about your distribution points?

– Do you need remote temperature monitoring for your food and beverage refrigerated trucks?

– Do you need truck routing software to improve your dispatching and routing?

– Do you find it difficult to keep track of your vehicles’ maintenance?

GoFleet’s global tracking system can be used to keep your assets secure and ensure they are being used properly. MyGeotab is GoFleet’s web-based fleet management software. Custom reports can be used to improve driver behavior, increase productivity, organize vehicle maintenance, drastically reduce fuel costs and improve customer satisfaction.

GoFleet’s global tracking system provides the ultimate solution for businesses in the food and beverage service industry. GoFleet offers many add-ons that are fully integrated with their global tracking system and can be used to enhance food and beverage distribution services. For example, a remote temperature sensor can be installed in your refrigerated trucks. Every 4 seconds, the real-time temperature monitor sends the current temperature wirelessly to the fleet management software. If the temperature goes over or under the set threshold, an immediate email alert will be sent to the fleet manager. This will ensure the food and beverage products being distributed do not spoil during transportation and the product quality remains high.

For more information about GoFleet’s global tracking system, Contact Us.

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