World Leading GPS Tracking

Isn't it time you reined in costs associated with running your fleet? Are you in the market for a world-class fleet GPS tracking system with robust functionality and ease of use?

Real-Time GPS Tracking
Easy Route Replay
Powerful Alerts
Trip History GPS Tracking
Quickly Find Nearest

GPS Tracking: Fleet Management Made Easy

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

With over ten years' expertise, our gps tracking solutions are in a class of their own. We provide first-rate customer experience, easy-to-install plug and play devices, easy-to-navigate fleet management systems, and a leading 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Tracking that is Truly Real-Time

Our competitors often claim gps tracking with 1/2/5/10 minute delays is real-time. Our solution allows you to track at truly industry leading 6/15 second updates. We believe every second count for productivity, safety and customer service. Try it and see the difference.

Easy To Use GPS Tracking Solution

Easy to Use

GPS Tracking Solution designed with user-friendliness in mind. It's easy for anyone to get started and powerful enough for the most ambitious users. Our software supports small business and also has the capability of managing the world's largest fleets including UPS Logistics.


5 Killer, Industry Leading Tracking Features:

  • 1 Never Lose Sight of Drivers - Leading 15 Second GPS Tracking
  • 2 Save Fuel - Optimize Routes & Create Plans
  • 3 Reports that truly fit your business Custom Excel Report Addins
  • 4 Robust military grade hardware that is designed for harsh environments
  • 5 All the features you come to expect and much, much more...see a demo

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