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Vehicle Tracking System: Construction Company Fleets

Increase Profit In The Construction Industry With A Vehicle Tracking System

In order to have a successful construction company, you must run your business efficiently and show up at job sites on time. You rely on your construction fleet to make that happen. With GoFleet’s vehicle tracking system, you can stay ahead of your competition with valuable fleet management tools that will help you improve customer service, reduce costs, optimize your fleet’s productivity and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Reduce Labor Costs:

When you use GoFleet’s vehicle tracking system, you can improve dispatching and routing for your construction workers. By providing efficient routing, your workers will arrive at job sites earlier and spend less time on the road. In addition, you will know where your workers are at all times. You will not have to worry about a worker making authorized stops while they are on the clock. This improved productivity will reduce expensive overtime and labor costs.

Lower Fuel Consumption:

GoFleet’s vehicle tracking system provides your fleet managers with the tools they need to lower fuel consumption. For most companies with fleet operations, fuel costs are the single most expensive costs relating to the fleet. This cost can be reduced because fleet managers are able to monitor driving speeds, aggressive driving behavior and idle times, all of which increase fuel consumption.

Improve Customer Service:

When you use GoFleet’s vehicle tracking system in your construction fleet, you can drastically improve your customer service. Your customers will be astonished when your construction company actually shows up at the scheduled time. If a driver happens to be late, you will be able to let your customer know an accurate time of arrival. They will not be stuck waiting around for your construction workers to show up on the job site. Furthermore, your customers will be happy with the fast response time. With a vehicle tracking system, you are able to send the closest workers to your customers’ locations.

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