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Steps You Need to Take to Protect Your Vehicles

Whether you are a small or large business, it’s never too late to look into solutions to protect and optimize your vehicles for the sake of protecting them. Personally speaking, my car is my baby. And by baby I mean she has a name, gets regular car washes…


…new air fresheners every week …


… and is equipped with a dash cam. Basically, I love her. And because I love her so much, I do the best I can to protect her, for my own peace of mind.

If you own a fleet, your vehicles should be your babies too. They get your services/products to places they need to go, and your business probably wouldn’t be the same without them. So let’s discuss some ways you can protect them and sleep better at night.

Firstly, knowing the location of your vehicles would probably be the first thing that comes to mind. Currently, many different solutions exist for vehicle tracking and the one you choose would be based on your needs. GO7’s are essential in my book, as they provide your basic tracking functions as well as advanced diagnostics and driver behavior tracking. The reason I recommend GO7’s is mainly because of how seamlessly you can add more hardware or software depending on your needs. (Add-ons like ELD, & GoTalk for example) Plus, they are easily installed without any hardwiring, making them a good choice for fleets of any size. Simply put, if the GO7 could talk, it would be like…

On the other hand, let’s talk about those dash cams I mentioned earlier. Dash cams are the eyes of your vehicles, except they record what they see too. We hear stories every day about insurance fraud, hit and runs etc. What if you had proof of an incident? Would you be more likely to win your case and avoid large fees? Absolutely! Check out this video captured on a dash cam of a driver who bumped into another vehicle and tried to imply that it was the other driver’s fault –

“No, you reversed into me” – Lying driver caught out on dash cam

Unbelievable right? But it happens all the time. So take the necessary steps to protect your vehicles. They are your precious investment (aka your babies) and you deserve a peace of mind.

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