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Benefits of Choosing the Right Telematics Harness

Importance of Selecting the Right Telematics Harness

The right telematics harness matters; it helps maximize the richness of the telematics data, reduce your liabilities, and optimize installation time. This article touches on the three main benefits of choosing the right telematics harness and how it can make a difference.

Data Richness

GoFleet, in partner with Geotab, provides a “proprietary” data harness that gives end-users the most in-depth and detailed data possible. For example, it allows your GPS tracking device to tap into the manufacturers proprietary data bus which is where the information below is typically kept:

  • Odometer
  • Seatbelt
  • Engine-hour data

Optimize Installation Time

Using the proper harness helps installers mount the GPS tracking unit in the optimal location when performing activities, such as following the best route path. Furthermore it is important to help avoid brake and gas pedals, steering columns and high traffic areas for obvious safety reasons. T type harnesses limit tampering, help avoid GPS monitoring detection and allow mechanics to scan vehicles directly.

Liability Reduction

GoFleet’s harnesses (by Geotab) simply work. There is no chance of mis-wiring, over-current, or reflection issues, which can happen when a harness is too long for the vehicles network. Improperly wired or designed harnesses can cause a host of mechanical and electrical issues which can seriously increase a company’s liability. It is important for end-users to work with a reliable organization that is committed to engineering innovation.

For more information on the GoFleet solution, in partner with Geotab, that powers some of the top fleets in North America (such as UPS), please fill out our contact form.

GoFleet is not just another GPS Fleet Tracking company, we are interested in optimizing the way you do business. We work with you to ensure you get a quick ROI from our solution and truly see all the benefits GPS tracking can offer.

Original Article Written by: John Kyes, Development at Geotab

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