Bus ETALive location tracking software for buses and shuttles

Real-Time Arrival Information for Passengers

Bus ETA allows managers to give real-time live location of arriving buses or shuttles. Managers can easily set routes, assign vehicles and schedules. Customers will see live updates on their mobile app and view the same data on a television at your site.
Immediate Communication

Immediate Communication

Keep your customers in the loop on arrival times at all times through a mobile app.

Reduce Customer Calls

Reduce Customer Calls

Reduce the number of customer calls for updates on arrival or departure times.

Stay Organized

Stay Organized

Significantly improve route management, ultimately making the job more efficient.

Smooth Route Creation

Create routes based on existing zones to save time, or manually input waypoints on the map. View and change route information quickly and easily using the interactive map for route planning.
Make Route Creation Easy
Smooth Route Creation
Practical Route Planning

Practical Route Planning

Customize and place additional stops for a route, with our simple to use interface. Configure operating hours for a route, decide which vehicles can drive the route, and use our route optimizer.
Optimize Your Route

Passenger App

Available on Android and iOS so riders can see bus stops, arrival & departure time, live location, estimated route duration, and receive notifications with any mobile device. View both live and estimated information.
See Passenger View
Passenger App

How it works?

Here’s how you can communicate bus routes with riders.


Create or use an existing route and assign the vehicle and driver.


Once the route is created, a public map is automatically generated for users. Customize branding to fit your business.


Bus ETA is automatically updated real-time so customers have instant updates on any of their devices.

More Features

Bus Solution

Real-Time and Accurate GPS Positioning

Watch your buses move across a map in real-time so you know exactly where they are.

Save Time and Money

Reduce the amount of time and money spent on customer service by decreasing the number of phone calls from parents asking where the bus is.

Increase Customer Trust

See how long the bus spends at each stop so you can reliably communicate with parents to make things run more smoothly.