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    Prevent all driver hand held phone use while driving

    FleetGuardian® is for the driver who needs to stray connected and the company that is serious about safety. While the phone is stored away, the driver has access to Bluetooth connectivity for communication, and the fleet manager will know it is stored away while moving thanks to the integration with Geotab.


    In-Vehicle Verbal Driver Feedback

    in vehicle verbal driver feedback

    GOTALK enables spoken alerts to drivers in real-time using text-to-speech based on predefined rules. Set-up custom alerts and messages, and increase fleet safety with steps to improve driving habits.

    Lone Defender

    Lone Worker Safety Solution

    lone worker protection device

    Lone Defender is a state of the art, robust lone worker safety solution which contains GPS, a panic button, emergency calls, a rechargeable battery and an RFID reader. In the management software, users can view current positions of workers, which areas have been patrolled, as well as historical trip and alert information.

    Man Down System

    Lone Worker Safety Solution

    man down device

    Protect your employees and meet the lone worker safety needs of personnel working in hazardous occupations; two-way radio signalling device that provides automatic and total accountability.


    Collision Avoidance System

    Collision Avoidance Camera

    Collision avoidance system that reduces the number and severity of accidents in fleets and passenger vehicles, driver infractions, and in many cases provides a reduction in fuel and maintenance costs.

    Sat Trax Iridium

    Satellite Vehicle Tracking

    sat trax iridium

    Through the IRIDIUM satellite network, receive information about your fleet both when drivers are travelling within a cellular network and outside it. This integration also allows fleets to incorporate a panic button into the vehicle, so that drivers that may be out of reach can alert the company in an emergency.

    Mobile Wireless Gas Detection

    Vehicle-Mounted Gas Detection

    Wireless Gas Detection System

    GoFleet offers a vehicle-mounted mobile wireless gas detection system with wireless panic buttons for the health and safety of personnel.