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    Fuel Card Integration

    Fuel BI fleet fuel cards

    Use your existing fuel card and view and confirm fuel expenditures daily, eliminate fuel theft, & realize the ROI through this integration and our GPS software.

    Trip Summary

    Track Driver Jobs & Duration for Payroll

    Trip Summary

    Track your drivers stops, duration and mileage. Then compare with the Geotab data to ensure fair and accurate calculation of wages. Create custom forms for your drivers to fill on their stops, and run custom reports to view trip history and activity.

    Zendu TimeCard

    In-Vehicle Driver Punch-In System

    Track Driver Time

    Track your drivers hours with only a key fob. Drivers punch in and out directly in the vehicle, and the data is sent to your dashboard. See overtime hours, mileage, vehicles used by the driver, export data, and set up automatic weekly or daily reports!