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    Garmin 2 Email

    Driver Responses Sent to Email

    garmin 2 email

    Allows for driver response messages to be sent via email to the respective users/dispatchers.


    Advanced Navigation + HOS System

    advance navigation by garmin

    Navigation system that ranges from basic capabilities (messaging/job dispatch) to more advanced control and interaction (sensor alerts, HOS).

    Geo Feed

    Continuous Feed in a Specified Format


    Sends periodic emails or a continuous feed within a specific format (XML, CSV, SHP, etc.) on specific Geotab data fields.

    TMW Truckmate

    Dispatch Integration

    tmw truckmate integration

    TruckMate is a robust trucking industry solution that incorporates dispatching, work order management, maintenance, asset management and billing into one solution. It is fully integrated with GoFleet's telematics platform. It can be integrated and streamlined to work with other business systems using an open software development kit.


    ZenduWork makes dispatching and Work Orders hassle-free with direct driver messaging, route optimization, work orders with personalized forms, an organized user-friendly interface, notification bar, and more!