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Police Find Prescription Drug Thief Thanks To GPS Bottle

prescription GPS bottle

Police Find Prescription Drug Thief Thanks To GPS Bottle

The Albuquerque police were able to track down a suspect in a pharmacy robbery with the help of a GPS-equipped prescription drug bottle.

 Two men went into a local CVS and handed the pharmacist a note demanding he be given OxyContin pills around the time the store opened. Although they did not show any weapons, one of the suspects kept his hands inside of his pockets.

The CVS employee was thinking quickly on her feet, when she quick put some of the OxyContin pills in a bottle that was equipped with GPS tracking.

The employee told the police she used a GPS-equipped bottle in the set she gave the suspects. The detectives were then able to track the GPS device down to a vehicle in the Bell Northwest and Walter area. When they arrived on scene, a man was observed throwing the bottle out of the passenger side window.

The authorities began pursuing the vehicle. One of the male suspects jumped out of the vehicle and he attempted to run across Highway I-25. That suspect was later identified as Roy Christopher.

Fortunately, the police were able to apprehend Roy Christopher without any issues. The police later said that Christopher admitted that he passed the note to the CVS pharmacist and then took the pills she handed him. According to criminal court documents, Roy Christopher only attempted to get rid of the prescription bottle when he located the GPS tracking device.

Roy Christopher was then booked at the Metropolitan Detention Center. He faces two charges: tampering with evidence and conspiracy to commit a third degree felony.

GPS tacking devices are being used to help police solve many different types of cases from missing children to car thefts. Now, prescription drug theft can be added to the type of crimes that GPS devices will help to solve. What will be next?

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