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Happy Holidays, See You In 2020!

From our family to yours, we want to take a moment to wish you a safe and happy holiday! 2019 was a great year, and now that the year is done, we’re excited to say that 2020 will be even better! Since we have a number of innovative and exciting projects coming down the pipeline, here is our reminder to keep an eye out for us! 

What To Watch For: 

  • We have a new partnership that we’re excited to announce! While we can’t tell you the name of the information technology and services giant who we’ll be working with quite yet, we can confirm that it will allow us to expand our offerings! 
  • We are also planning to setup some new content programs that will go into motion in the first quarter of 2020. So if you’d like to stay updated on industry news or anything telematics related, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!
  • Keep an eye out for ongoing product updates and changes! Since the telematics sector is constantly changing, we’re anticipating that in 2020 we’ll not only continue to offer the great hardware and software solutions that we have now, but we’ll do what we can to better our inventory.

Like always, if you have any questions about our solutions, or how our offerings can help your business grow, contact us today!

Interested to stay in-touch and up-to-date in the new year? Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter (scroll down and fill out your email) and follow us on social!

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