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GPS Tracking Equipment: The Optimal School Bus Solution

The Optimal School Bus Solution: GoFleet’s GPS Tracking Equipment

In today’s economy, many school districts are facing budget cuts without sacrificing the students’ safety. School district transportation fleet managers are responsible for all of the children every day from the time they step foot on the school bus. State laws are extremely strict in regards to school buses because they want to ensure that the safest driving and operational procedures are being followed. GoFleet’s GPS tracking equipment can be used to help reduce costs and improve school bus safety.

School districts with GoFleet’s GPS tracking equipment are impressed with how helpful the data is for school bus management. Fleet managers are able to answer daily questions about school bus operation. If a school bus driver’s driving was in question, fleet managers can provide accurate information about the school bus’ speed, arrival and departure times, and location information.

GoFleet’s GPS tracking equipment data can be used to help school districts monitor many things. It can track how late the school bus is and pinpoint the buses exact location if it breaks down. It will also record bus idling times so that routes are able to be adjusted and made more efficient. This will help reduce the miles traveled and time on the road. Making the routes more efficient will save time, reduce fuel usage and lower operational expenses. Most importantly, the GPS tracking equipment will help keep the children as safe as possible. If a problem ever occurs on the bus, the school district will know the children’s location immediately.

Transportation managers share many of same issues as commercial fleet managers. Without GoFleet’s GPS tracking equipment, it is difficult to obtain accurate information about how long each stop took, routes driven, driver’s location and keeping up with bus maintenance. With GPS tracking equipment, school bus managers can easily monitor the buses, ensure child safety, keep the parents happy and reduce overhead. The fleet management system, will help the school district uncover many hidden costs that can reduce wasteful spending including excessive idling, underutilized buses and inefficient routing.

For more information about how GoFleet’s GPS tracking equipment can improve your school districts’ school bus system, Contact Us.

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