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GPS Real Time Tracking: The Snow Removal Industry

Snow Removal Industry Benefits From GPS Real Time Tracking

When you run a snow removal business, it is imperative that you know your mobile crew is safe, especially since they are often working in the midst of severe weather and poor driving conditions. You need to provide your crew with the clearest and most efficient routes while you stay aware of the constantly changing conditions. When you use GoFleet’s GPS real time tracking system, you will be able to make sure your drivers are safe as they provide a valuable service for your customers.

Safety is always a major concern for your snow removal crew. Implementing a GoFleet GPS real time tracking system will show your crew members how much you care about their well-being. When you care about your crew, they will work perform at their best for you.

The snow removal business is seasonal and when a big snow storm hits, you need to be able to schedule multiple crew members and plan their routes instantaneously. The GoFleet GPS real time tracking system lets you provide your drivers with the most efficient routes so they can focus on their job and complete as many jobs as safely possible. With GPS real time tracking, you will be able to prepare your crew’s schedules ahead of time or on-the-fly.

In the snow removal industry, timeliness is an essential component that is always present. The GoFleet GPS real time tracking system will provide your drivers with the most efficient routes to get to job sites. If you receive an emergency service call, you dispatchers will know the location of each snow removal truck so they will be able to dispatch the closest truck to the emergency job site. In addition, your call center will be able to give your clients an accurate time of arrival. Unlike many of your competitors, you will not give your customers a “dreaded” long service window. You can tell your customers, with confidence, “Our snow removal crew will be at your location within 30 to 45 minutes.”

Implementing a GoFleet GPS real time tracking system in your snow removal business, increases driver safety, improves dispatching, provides efficient routing and improves customer satisfaction which, in turn, increases your revenue. Also be sure to check out our Dickey-John integration add-on for salter/sander monitoring.

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