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ZenduONE Can Grow Your Business — Here’s How.

In a recent webinar we launched and shared information about the ZenduONE Mobile App and how it can be leveraged by fleets to streamline performance. To briefly recap, ZenduONE is the latest evolution of our streamlined performance and end-to-end business solutions. Users who download the mobile app from iOS or PlayStore can access all of the digital business solutions while on the move — in just a few clicks.  This comprehensive dispatch, operations and accounting system enables fleet managers to leverage their existing dash cams to review video footage on the go. 

ZenduONE is, above all, part of a group of scalable service offerings that can grow and adapt to your ever-changing business needs. Now, more than ever, you can get the content you need, without scouring hours of footage or reviewing irrelevant alerts.

Scale up or scale down

With ZenduONE, you can access all of your solutions from a single app. The goal of the app is twofold: providing visibility to drivers into their performance on the road in real-time, and becoming a convenient tool for fleet managers to expand their fleet business while gaining valuable insight into fleet productivity, operations and safety.

All of your favourite ZenduIT apps can now be accessed on the ZenduONE platform: Asset, Video review, TimeCard, ZenduMaintenance, ZenduReports, and so much more. A range of 15 fleet applications are currently available to install with a single click — and more on the horizon. You can rest easy knowing that all of your users will be fully supported.


ZenduIT has modularized the ZenduCAM platform into separate entities in order to host them all on one app and more importantly, keep your productivity organized based on the functionalities that matter to you.

What does this mean for your business? ZenduONE accommodates your shifting priorities and organizational needs. If you’re a fleet manager, you can review video footage based on the alerts you’ve predetermined, process a work order for vehicle parts, dispatch a driver, review time cards, or find asset locations on a map; and you don’t ever have to be at your desk. Whether you have a large fleet or are just starting out, ZenduONE allows you to pick and choose the workflows you need, when you need them.

Interested in learning more about how ZenduONE can provide a fully-integrated, scalable workflow experience? Schedule a demonstration with one of our consultants and try us for three months — absolutely free!

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