Red Hawk Fire & Security: Productivity Increase, Lower Idling & More with Geotab

The Challenge: Improving Driver Productivity & Safety

The resources and knowledge delivered by Red Hawk Fire & Safety is relied on by more than 50,000 institutions and companies across North America. The company provides custom designed advanced security and safety technologies to meet the needs of the specific business they serve. Management set a goal to serve more customers in a day, which of course meant boosting employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Red Hawk Fire & Security set out to increase their service tickets per day from 4 to 5.

Improving driver behavior to curtail accident rates was also a goal. According to their fleet manager, “We had a very high accident rate, which was most costly in our Northwest region – and that needed to be corrected.” Going beyond improving safety and driver productivity, the company was also looking to reduce fuel consumption by getting a better handle on vehicle idling time.

The Solution

After extensive research to find the best telematics system that would not only solve current challenges, but also with the flexibility to adapt to future needs – Red Hawk Fire & Security made the decision to go with Geotab. Approximately half of their fleet (400 out of 800 vehicles) were equipped with the Geotab GO device giving management detailed visibility into the performance of each vehicle through MyGeotab (easy to use web-based fleet management software).

The Results

Increased Productivity & Unexpected Benefits

Since installing the devices ticket times improved and after a year the company still continues their commitment to working with dispatchers to become more effective. Their fleet manager indicated an unexpected benefit resulting from the system, time sheet reporting: “time sheet audits identified employees that were erroneously reporting work done for a full day, when in fact, they were leaving the job site after only a few short hours of work.” Not only was the company able to cut wasted overhead costs, but also able to target issues surrounding employee honesty and integrity at the workplace.


Red Hawk Fire & Security reduced accidents by 80% in the Northwest Region. The company did this by: monitoring risky driver behavior and, taking corrective action on an as-needed basis. Today, the Northwest Region is at, or below, the accident level of the other regions. There are still opportunities to make further improvements, as most of the remaining accidents are with those employees that do not currently have a telematics device installed. Due to the success they have had thus far the company plans to roll out telematics to the rest of their fleet.

Red Hawk Fire & Security was also able to improve seatbelt use drastically. The first day the devices were installed showed over 250 incidents where a vehicle was in motion without having the seatbelt fastened. After just 1 week of persistent action all employees were wearing their seatbelt.

From the Fleet Manager:

“I would highly recommend Geotab’s fleet management technology. Part of what makes it such a great value is the effective and rapid response rate of my service provider. My Geotab reseller provides response to my questions in minutes, and is always looking to simplify things for our team. Also, the whole point behind telematics is being able to enhance productivity. When we looked at other telematics providers, we found that we would be wasting an average of 15 days a month and spending an additional $1,200 / month on maintaining what we considered to be “junky equipment”. For instance, one provider required that we call a repair technician to come on-site to repair their faulty devices that needed to be hard-wire installed. Combining that with billable hours and the days wasted that would equal to over $200,000 in annual device upkeep! With Geotab, however, this entire process is completely avoided. They truly offer a solid solution that just works.”

Case Study, From Geotab:

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