C3 Group: Made The Switch to GoFleet

The Company

The C3 Group of Companies is a multi-discipline engineering/contracting organization specializing in building science, restoration, industrial maintenance, foundation systems, environmental technologies, and advanced materials.

Problems & Solutions

C3 Group was previously with a different fleet tracking provider but unfortunately was let down in multiple areas. They were disappointed with the customer service, installation, and billing. Their previous provider required the devices to be hard-wired into the vehicles; they did not have the simple plug and play GPS installation process like GoFleet.

One big problem for C3 Group was scheduling a time with the technician to come in to do the install. On more than one occasion, the technicians just showed up unannounced and expected to be able to do the installs at their convenience. They completely disregarded when C3 Group wanted the installation to be done. After the hassle of setting up the install, when it was finally complete, damage was done to one of C3 Groups vehicles.

Billing is another issue C3 Group faced with their old provider. They would often be told one thing from their sales agent but then the message would not be relayed to their billing department. Eventually C3 Group had enough but knew they needed a fleet management system and this is what lead them to GoFleet.

Because of the ease of plug and play technology it was easy for C3 Group to make the switch to GoFleet. When we spoke with Matt Crape, IT Manager at C3 Group, the ease of installation was something that really stood out to him:

“One major problem with our prior provider was installation; we had to get an outside tech to install the devices. They would sometimes show up unannounced and damage was done by an installer to one of our vehicles. It is much better to do it yourself and only takes about 5 minutes to install. Really really like the simplicity of the hardware installation.”

Another feature Matt was impressed with is the initial overview of My.Geotab and how straightforward it is to navigate the software. It can be scary to switch from one provider to another but GoFleet works with their customers to ensure they can properly navigate, understand, and get the most out of the software. The customer service provided by GoFleet is not just an initial service, it is ongoing throughout the entire contract.

C3 Group’s previous provider also did not have all the capabilities of the GoFleet solution; one example is engine diagnostic integration. This allows C3 Group to be able to see the engine status of each of their vehicles. The battery died on one of their vehicles and C3 Group was immediately notified; the previous system would not have caught this issue.

“Definitely take a look at what GoFleet has to offer; good bang for your buck.”

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