GeoTrax Fleet Management Solution for Mobile

A quick and simple way of managing your fleet on the fly. Integrated with Geotab, the GeoTrax mobile app displays asset location, trip history, fuel usage, driving exceptions and diagnostics all from the convenience of a mobile app.
Set & manage driver coaching alerts right from your mobile device.
View the scorecard for each of your drivers on the go.
View trips and real-time locations on the map.

Break the Chain to Your Desk | Easily Track & Manage Vehicles From Anywhere




Track and Show Vehicle Trip History

Easily find a vehicle and view individual driver trip history without ever having to visit a computer.


Further Optimize Fleet Management

Fleet managers and business owners are always on the go – with this app access all your fleet information on the go to ensure everything is running smoothly.

inflated tires have smaller footprints

Displays Vehicle Fuel Consumption

Daily and weekly fuel usage, idle fuel, fuel economy and distance in an easy to view bar chart.


Add/Update Audible Driver Alerts

Add/Update/Remove audible driver coaching alerts for your drivers as necessary, without accessing your computer.


View Diagnostic Faults

View faults, odometer, engine hours, and detailed diagnostic measurements.


Quickly Address Vehicle Faults

Access vehicle faults and address them quickly to reduce breakdowns and downtime.

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