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Fleet Management Flexibility with Automatic Geotab VIN Detection

The Geotab GO GPS tracking device can automatically detect vehicle identification numbers, also known as VIN. This enables fleets to easily determine the vehicles they’re looking up, and also to cross-reference with their records should the need ever arise.

From an operational stand point, the collected data by the Geotab GO GPS tracking device is not directly coupled with the vehicle identification number. This means that companies, such as vehicle rental businesses, who transfer their Geotab GO device(s) between different vehicles, can easily manage a fleet of vehicles that are periodically used. Further to this, Geotab’s intelligent VIN detection is being used in new and interesting ways with smart decoding to understand both the model and make of vehicles, along with corresponding specific vehicle engine data.

For example, there are many differences between diesel, electric and gasoline engines that describe the types of engine diagnostics reported. This allows managers to make informed decisions about their fleet-based, real-world vehicle information instead of simply “dots on a map”.

See Device Editor below, VIN is highlighted:


Graph of the odometer over time where the device owner bought a new vehicle and it drops off with the new odometer:


As a fleet manager we understand your job is hard enough; at GoFleet we want to do whatever we can to make your job easier. To learn more about the Geotab GO GPS tracking device contact one of our fleet consultants today.

Original Article From Geotab:
Fleet Management Flexibility with Automatic Geotab VIN Detection

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