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Asset Tracking System: Improve Fleet Visibility

Improve Fleet Visibility With GoFleet’s Asset Tracking System

Small businesses face many challenges but with the help of GoFleet’s asset tracking system, small businesses are able to improve fleet visibility and manage their fleet while increasing productivity and improving efficiency.

Often times, businesses initially choose to implement an vehicle asset management so they can monitor their vehicles while they are on the road. Most business owners want to be able to track their assets and safeguard them from theft. Once a GoFleet asset tracking system is implemented, many business owners and fleet managers are thrilled to discover the possibilities and benefits are endless with increased visibility for management.

Fleet Visibility

Vehicle location data is just the very start of what a GoFleet vehicle asset management can do for a small business. Real time monitoring helps fleet managers and dispatchers with day-to-day operations in addition to providing many valuable management tools that allow fleet managers to manage a small fleet using the same tools huge corporate fleets use.

GoFleet’s asset tracking system can greatly improve the visibility of your fleet. Gone are the days when your drivers took their vehicle out for day and the only way to find out the status of their job or location was to call them over the radio or cell phone. If the driver was with a customer, it was possible you could not get a status until the driver was available to talk.

With vehicle asset management, your fleet is completely visible 24 hours-a-day. Fleet managers can track all of their fleet vehicles in real time using GoFleet’s web-based software. Dispatchers are able to use the find “closest vehicle” function to located vehicles closest to a job site.

An asset tracking system also improves visibility of your drivers’ behaviors and actions. Fleet managers can get notifications when drivers speed, deviate from the authorized route, use a vehicle during non-working hours, idle excessively or drive aggressively. Increased fleet visibility allows businesses to gain control of their mobile assets, increase productivity and improve efficiency. Utilizing GoFleet’s asset tracking system is the key to success for businesses with fleet operations.

For more information about GoFleet’s asset tracking system, Contact Us.

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