New GeoTab Product Update Notes: February 2024

Mississauga, ON – February 20, 2024 (updated) – GoFleet is thrilled to bring you a series of updates from GeoTab that are poised to elevate your fleet operations. These enhancements span productivity, maintenance, sustainability, and the overall GeoTab Drive experience, ushering in a suite of features that cater to your evolving needs.

Latest News

GO Anywhere, Available Now!

Now available in Canada and the United States for the very first time, the GO Anywhere is built on Geotab’s secure and scalable architecture, designed to efficiently manage and track critical assets across diverse industries. From trailers and storage containers to construction and logistics equipment, it boasts a fast and easy installation, a robust lifespan of up to 10 years, and an IP68 and IP69K rating for harsh environments, this asset tracker ensures reliable and durable asset management. Embracing Geotab’s proven platform, customers can seamlessly integrate this asset tracker to enhance their daily operations, exemplifying GoFleet’s commitment to delivering innovative and dependable solutions.


AI Companion for Fleet Excellence

We’re thrilled to unveil Geotab Ace, an innovative AI assistant designed to revolutionize fleet management. Seamlessly integrated into the MyGeotab platform, Geotab Ace delivers personalized, reliable insights through natural language interaction, streamlining decision-making for fleets. Early access for select partners and customers begins in Q2 2024, with a broader release planned for Q4 2024. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the future of fleet efficiency – join the waitlist on February 15th, 2024, and be at the forefront of this cutting-edge advancement.

Effortless Route Optimization

Discover a seamless solution for route optimization with Geotab’s advanced fleet dispatch software. Our user-friendly platform allows detailed route planning, ensuring efficient stops and waypoints for deliveries and pickups. Save time and cut fuel consumption effortlessly with the new “Optimize” button, enabling manual adjustments for maximum efficiency. The latest enhancements build on the success of the 2023 V11 MyGeotab release, offering improved efficiency and addressing the everyday challenges of field services operations. Upgrade your telematics operations to drive growth and tackle real-world fleet efficiency challenges with Geotab Routing and Optimization.

Predictive Collision Analytics and Fleet Benchmarking

Revolutionize your fleet’s safety program with the latest innovation in GoFleet’s range. Predictive collision analytics leverage data from 4 million connected vehicles to forecast collisions, monitoring both low- and high-speed incidents. The Safety Center now includes fleet benchmarking for comprehensive safety analysis. Geotab enhances collision detection, providing valuable insights for more effective safety scorecards. Traditional methods lack period-to-period reliability and industry benchmark comparisons, but Geotab’s advancements offer clarity on how risk events may lead to crashes. Elevate your safety program!

Integrated Solutions for Freightliners

Introducing Geotab Ace, a groundbreaking AI assistant set to redefine fleet management on the MyGeotab platform. Geotab Ace leverages intuitive AI to provide fleet managers with faster, personalized insights through natural dialogue. Building on the success of Project G, GoFleet brings you Geotab Ace, aiming to significantly improve the user experience by delivering robust, reliable, and tailored fleet insights. With early access for select partners and customers beginning in Q2 2024, Geotab Ace promises to streamline operations, reduce time for data-driven decisions, and enhance the overall efficiency of fleet management. Stay tuned for the waitlist opening on February 15th, 2024, and be part of the future of fleet management with GoFleet and Geotab Ace.

Enhancing Ford Solution with ADAS Safety Signals

Geotab’s Integrated Solution for Ford Vehicles now incorporates Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) signals on MyGeotab. Fleet operators in the US and Canada can benefit from collision warnings, blind spot alerts, driver alertness tracking, and lane assistance, boosting safety metrics without additional costs.

Stellantis Premium Upgrade: More Insights, Lower Cost

Geotab introduces an upgraded Stellantis Premium plan for its Integrated Solution, providing additional data insights at a reduced price in the US and Canada. The improved plan includes preventive maintenance support and enhanced safety features. Existing Stellantis Basic subscribers will seamlessly transition to the Premium plan, enjoying the expanded dataset from March 1, 2024.

Launching Integrated Solution for Komatsu

With a new Integrated Solution for Komatsu in the US and Canada, GoFleet is thrilled to help empower fleet operators with real-time visibility into fuel usage, location, and engine hours. Leveraging AEMP data from factory-installed telematics hardware on Komatsu equipment, this OEM integration enables fleet managers to optimize performance, achieve cost savings, and enhance overall efficiency.

Fleet Productivity Refined

Asset Management Improvements (December 2023): Witness a significant facelift to GeoTab’s Assets page in MyGeotab, streamlining the approach to managing and tracking assets. Notable features include enhanced filtering options to swiftly identify assets needing attention due to issues such as non-communication or low battery.

MyGeotab Menu Update (September 2023): Experience a redesigned MyGeotab menu for seamless navigation and workflow organization. This update intelligently groups solutions by fleet management needs, allowing for more efficient task prioritization.

Revolutionizing Maintenance Strategies

Maintenance Center Enhancements (June 2023): The Maintenance Center in MyGeotab got a noteworthy upgrade, introducing Maintenance Type insights. This empowers fleet managers with analysis on completed maintenance work by type, facilitating more effective resource allocation.

Maintenance Insights via Data Connector: Leveraging the Geotab Data Connector, this update provides in-depth maintenance insights. It enables a targeted approach to addressing maintenance issues, enhancing overall fleet maintenance strategies.

Driving Sustainability Initiatives

EV Battery Health and Range Reports (October 2023): Embrace new reports focusing on EV Battery Health and BEV Range Capability, providing valuable insights into EV fleet performance. Crucial for managing battery health and optimizing route assignments, these reports contribute to sustainable fleet practices.

Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment Enhancements: The assessment now includes a Charge Viability analysis, aiding in the transition to electric vehicles by evaluating charging infrastructure and vehicle dwell times.

GeoTab Drive Evolution

Driver App Updates: GeoTab Drive has been refined for better tracking of Asset Inspections and the configuration of Adverse Driving Conditions. These improvements aim to prevent non-compliance with regulatory standards.

Mobile Operating System Support Changes (December 31, 2023): To enhance user experience and security, support for iOS 11 in GeoTab Drive and MyGeotab Mobile Applications was discontinued, focusing on newer, more secure operating systems.

Additional Enhancements

Enhanced Data Insights (November 2023): The introduction of improved processes for data insights, starting with the “Device not communicating” feature, enriches fleet management capabilities.

California Intrastate ELD Regulation (January 1, 2024): New regulations in California necessitate the use of ELDs for commercial drivers, underlining the importance of compliance for fleets in this region.

Global Announcements and New Hardware Options (June 2023): GoFleet is excited to introduce global announcements and new hardware options like IOX-GOTALKA, supporting enhanced fleet communication and hardware setup.

Drive App and Safety Management Enhancements (Version 8.0): Updates to the lock screen and audit log in GeoTab Drive aim to improve safety management and compliance tracking. These features underscore GoFleet’s commitment to transforming your fleet experience through continuous innovation.

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