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GPS Fleet Management for Landscaping & Lawn Care Trucks

Reduce Labor & Overtime Costs | Monitor Fuel Consumption | Increase Driver Safety

Industry Use Cases

  • Gain full visibility of your entire mobile workforce including equipment, assets, vehicles and workers
  • Reduce overtime costs with accurate employee time sheets
  • Accurate billing through verification of time spent on site
  • Increase employee productivity with work site arrival and departure reports and alerts
  • Reduce fuel expenses and increase safety through monitoring and correcting poor driver behavior
  • Eliminate downtime with scheduled maintenance for vehicles and assets
  • Optimize routes to reduce fuel costs and decrease travel time to the next customer location or job site

Solution Options


Results Happened Instantly!

“Results happened instantly - infractions went down, and speeding and braking issues decreased. We didn’t have any major problems with accidents, but once our guys knew they were being monitored, we had zero issues on everything. Plus, now we are able to cross-reference where people are at with our billing and time sheets, and we can show those to the customer directly so there’s no questions.”

Solution Bundle Features

Reduce Labor & Overtime Costs

When you're monitoring your vehicles you're monitoring your employees time. How long are their breaks? How much time they are spending at each job site? If your drivers are taking long breaks or spending too much time at certain sites, you can address the problem with them directly and reach a solution.

Monitor & Improve Driver Safety

Monitor driver behavior and address it immediately as it occurs. Other software produces reports on driver behavior, which we do, but in addition we offer in-vehicle audible (beeping) alerts in real-time. You can set custom safety alerts for many different driver behaviors to best suit your needs.

Driver Identification

Identify which drivers are operating which vehicles at any given time. Drivers tap a Driver ID key to against a vehicle’s driver identification reader to identify themselves. You can utilize MyGeotab to create rules and run reports based on specific drivers or vehicles.

Lower Fuel Costs

We help you identify and eliminate wasted fuel costs in areas such as: monitoring idling time, fuel usage reports, efficient route planning, audible in-vehicle alerts for aggressive driver behavior and fuel card integration to verify/track all fuel transactions made by your drivers.

Optimizing Routing & Dispatching

Reduce fuel costs and decrease the amount of travel time to the next customer location. Gain access to vehicle location and status 24/7 and send the closest crew or truck to the next location.

PTO Monitoring Sensors

It is important to monitor the activity of On/Off sensors of your fleet vehicles. Fleet managers can set up custom rules on MyGeotab and monitor vehicle inputs on the map.

Maximize Safety & Protect Your Brand

Eliminate distracted driving through disabling the functionality of your driver’s mobile devices. With the assistance of a driver app and in-vehicle hardware, the driver’s device goes into Safe Mode once the vehicle begins moving. Eliminate risk, liability and keep your fleet operation running smoothly, while ensuring the protection of your brand.

If you are the owner, operator or manager of a landscaping, maintenance or lawn care business you know your clients count on you to ensure you meet all their needs on time as quickly and efficiently as possible. Let GoFleet help you prevent customer complaints, save on fuel, and provide you with real-time 24/7 location of your vehicles to improve dispatching capabilities. We help you optimize your business through easy-to-use GPS tracking solutions.