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Geotab GO9 Device + Harness on HOS Plan (ELD)

The GO9 is a small yet extremely powerful telematics measurement tool offering state-of-the-art GPS technology, g-force monitoring, GEOTAB IOX® expandability, and engine and battery health assessments. Using Geotab's patented tracking algorithm, it accurately recreated a vehicle's trips and analyzes its incidents.

The HOS Plan Includes: US/Canadian Compliance for DVIR & HOS, ECM Odometer & Engine Hours, Base Tracking, Speeding, Idling, Accidents, DriverID, Drive/Garmin Messaging/Navigation, Marketplace & Zenduit Integration Expandability and Web/Mobile Fleet Management Access for Unlimited Users.

  • Real-Time Fleet Management
  • Increase Safety & Lower Insurance Costs
  • Accident Reduction
  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Increase Driver Productivity
  • Prolong Vehicle Life & Eliminate Downtime
  • ELD Mandate Compliance
  • Easy Plug-and-Play Installation
  • Real-time Live GPS Tracking
  • Basic Audible Driver Alerts
  • Maintenance Reminders
  • Detailed and Accurate Trip Recording
  • Hours of Service
  • DVIR

Solution Pricing


(3 Year Term - First 3 months FREE)

If existing ELD, First 6 Months FREE (Conditions Apply)


Improve your fleet safety program with the ZenduCAM AD Plus Dash Camera. The AD Plus continuously captures video events with AI and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) functionality, so you can review incidents in real-time and conduct on-the-go driver coaching.

Our hardware integrates seamlessly with popular fleet management platforms such as Trax and Geotab to provide a holistic overview of your fleet.

  • Respond quickly and effectively to events with an appropriate response based on actual event footage sent to your email
  • Give feedback to drivers or customers based on live real-time playback from your vehicle dash/rear view cameras
  • Manage your recordings and protect yourself from insurance fraud, false claims, conflicting reports of events with unlimited cloud storage
  • Easy to install
  • Supports Live Video Streaming
  • All in One Coaching Application
  • Harsh Driving Detection
  • ADAS Enabled

Solution Pricing

Data plan:$10

3 Year Term. Buy 10 or more and get the first 3 months free.
Monthly: Pro Plan
Data Plan: 1 GB