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ZenduCAM Z6 Dash Camera

An Innovative Dashcam With Real-Time Transmission of Video, GPS Location Tracking & Driver Behaviour Data

Z6 Smart AI Dash Camera

Streaming of Dual-Facing Cameras
Instant Accident Retrieval
Tailgating Alert Detection (Coming Soon)
Distracted Driving AI Detection
100% Integration with GEOTAB
Easy Installation

“ZenduCAM makes me feel like the drivers are sitting in the office with me. I can view new drivers anytime to make sure they are following our company’s safe driving policies. I also enjoy the peace of mind of getting an email with a video recording when a driver breaks a critical alert.”

– Vince Perrone, V&A Transport

ZenduIT provides real-time visibility and valuable insights into overall fleet performance, helping you increase safety and savings!

Advanced AI Technology

Equipped with AI and night vision, the ZenduCAM Z6 identifies unsafe driving such as sudden acceleration, sharp turns, and harsh braking to save you money!

Audio-Visual Alerting

Easily detect distracted drivers, driver drowsiness, and unsafe driving behaviors while assisting drivers with audio and visual corrections.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Create custom dashboards and reports for groups or single vehicles. Have the ability to take advantage of real-time GPS information to view location history and specific events.

Advantages of ZenduCam Z6

View vehicle GPS route tracking, details and history logs
Manage all your vehicles from a secure cloud dashboard
Get instant access to live video and video retrievals, for each vehicle, stored in the cloud
Supported by fully redundant media servers with 99.999% uptime
Set permissions and roles to control who can access data
Data, security and privacy that is GDPR compliant and are monitored 24/7