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Waste Management Vehicle GPS Tracking

waste management vehicle gps tracking tracker

Truck Tracking System Benefits for the Waste Management Industry

In the waste management industry you need to be sure that each and every waste management vehicle and driver is on schedule and doing their job efficiently. With a truck tracking system you will have the ability to easily track and monitor your fleet to ensure that everyone is operating as effectively as possible. We understand that working within the waste management industry is a difficult task and we want to help you make your waste management company operate as smoothly as possible.

Here are some of the many great benefits that you will receive with our truck tracking system that will help you to better manage your fleet and save both time and money:


  • Optimize and Audit Driving Routes
    Route planning and optimizing is one of the assisting factors in reducing fuel costs and decreasing the amount of travel time between each pick-up location. Routes may already be planned out for your drivers but with our fleet management system you can analyze the data to see whether the current routes are the most efficient. Reducing the amount of miles driven per day directly translates into fuel savings.



  • Diagnostics to Monitor Faults & Reduce Breakdowns
    Diagnostics allow you to easily see important vehicle data to monitor the overall health of your vehicles. You will be able to identify which vehicle faults are present and get them taken care of immediately.



  • Power Take Off Diagnostics
    Our solution can capture Power Take-Off (PTO) diagnostics, including bin frequency and duration, the number of times the bins are lifted and the location where the bin is engaged. This is captured either through the ECM (for newer model trucks) or through the auxiliary cable at the IOX port.



  • Provide Proof of Service
    There will no longer be any discrepancies between what a driver tells you and what actually happened. You will be able to easily verify all your drivers routes have been completed for the day and see all of their stops.



  • Improve Driver Safety
    With our truck tracking system, you will be able to not only monitor driver behavior but also address it immediately as it happens. Other software companies may produce reports on driver behavior, which ours does as well, but on top of that we offer in-vehicle audible alerts in real-time. For example, if you set the posted speed alerts for 5 miles over the limit, every time a driver goes above the posted road speed by 5 miles the GPS device will start beeping to alert them and will not stop beeping until the behavior is corrected.



  • Track Trucks & Commercial Containers Separately
    We offer truck tracking systems to track your vehicles and your assets, and all of your tracking data will be easily accessed in one database.



  • GIS/ ESRI Map Integration
    See beyond a traditional map with this integration. Utilize the custom mapping features through third-party spatial information such as utility lines, waste collection routes, etc.



  • Increase Productivity of Workers
    When monitoring your vehicles you will also essentially be monitoring your drivers. In doing so, you will be able to see how long of breaks they are taking, how much time they are spending at each job site etc. If any of your drivers are taking too long of breaks or spending too much time at certain job sites, you can address the problem with them directly to hopefully fix it.



  • Custom Reports
    We offer customized reporting to fit the specific needs of your business. For example, one of our current waste management clients uses a customized productivity report based on lifts and parking brake.



  • Reduce Fuel Costs
    Fuel is a big expense for waste management fleets, so controlling and monitoring fuel usage is crucial in eliminating unnecessary costs. Implementing a truck tracking system for your waste management vehicles assists in reducing fuel costs in multiple ways such as: monitoring idle time, efficient route planning, audible alerts for aggressive driver behavior, fuel usage reports and more.


We understand the importance of data collection for solid waste service vehicles, route management and neighborhood bin service frequencies. We offer more than simply a truck tracking solution, we offer the ability to track when neighborhood waste bins are visited by collection trucks, when they are actually tipped or only inspected.

Whether you are a waste management company that deals with solid or liquid waste, there are many great advantages that your company will receive when you install GoFleet’s GPS tracking system. The small financial investment of our systems will greatly enhance any waste management company and help management to decrease costs and improve daily operations tremendously.


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