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Utility Vehicle Management & GPS Tracking

utility vehicle fleet management gps tracking

Utility Fleet Management

Utility vehicle GPS tracking is designed to help you prevent blackouts and power outages by providing the real-time information you need from the field in order to improve your dispatching capabilities.

Working within a public or private utility company, your customers count on you to ensure that you are able to manage and safeguard the infrastructure so that they can enjoy an uninterrupted power supply. Let GoFleet help you do all you can to prevent blackouts and power outages by providing you with an easy-to-use utility fleet management solution.

There are numerous improvements that your company will see when it comes to improving your company’s work flow, decreasing costs and keeping your company’s expensive assets safe:


  • Utility Vehicle GPS Tracking Saves Money on Fuel Costs
    Fuel is one of the largest expenses for utility fleets, so controlling and monitoring fuel usage is crucial in eliminating unnecessary costs. Implementing utility vehicle GPS tracking assists in reducing fuel costs in multiple ways such as: monitoring idle time, efficient route planning, audible alerts for aggressive driver behavior, fuel usage reports and more.



  • Route and Dispatch Optimization
    Route optimization is one of the assisting factors in reducing fuel costs and also decreasing the amount of travel time to the next customer location. Having access to vehicle location and status 24/7 allows fleet managers and/or dispatchers to send the closest crew or truck to the next location or outage. This can be done quickly and easily through Garmin integration with our GO device and will also supply step-by-step directions to the drivers.



  • Lower Overall Labor and Overtime
    Utility fleet management allows for more efficient routing and dispatching, your workers will waste less time travelling and more time at the job sites. Also, with our time card reporting there will be no discrepancies in recorded versus actual overtime worked.



  • Increase Productivity of Workers
    When monitoring your vehicles you will also essentially be monitoring your drivers. In doing so, you will be able to see how long of breaks they are taking, how much time they are spending at each job site etc. If any of your drivers are taking too long of breaks or spending too much time at certain job sites, you can address the problem with them directly to hopefully fix it.



  • Reduce Mileage with Utility Fleet Management
    With efficient routing you will be able to plan the shortest and quickest routes to reduce mileage and ultimately contribute to saving on fuel and wear and tear of the vehicle.



  • Improve Driver Safety
    With our utility fleet management software, you will be able to not only monitor driver behavior but also address it immediately as it happens. Other software may produce reports on driver behavior, which ours does as well, but on top of that we offer in-vehicle audible alerts in real-time. For example, if you set the alerts for 5 miles over the limit, every time a driver goes above the posted road speed by 5 miles the GPS device will start beeping to alert them and will not stop beeping until the behavior is corrected.



  • Man Down Integration
    Our GPS tracking devices for vehicles are equipped with an IOX port allowing for expandability. This allows us to connect a man-down system that provides automatic and total accountability of your workers keeping them safe in all working conditions.



  • Keep Assets Safe & Secure
    Monitor your vehicles 24/7; if anyone was to steal a vehicle we would be able to track where they were taking it in real-time, to alert the police, to track down the vehicle and the person who stole it.


When you choose our utility vehicle GPS tracking system for your company you can improve efficiency and increase productivity through the use of our system which will allow you to track your mobile assets, label your assets which are stationary and help you to plan routes to your customers based on the locations of each team in order to cut down on response time. All benefits listed above will help lead your company to a quick return-on-investment and allow you to get ahead of your competition.

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