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IFTA & PTO Tax Rebates

Tax Rebate IFTA PTO

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

If your business operates heavy commercial vehicles in more than one state or province you are an interjurisdictional carrier (IJC) and you should know about the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). Heavy commercial vehicles operating between states or provinces must track all fuel expenses based on location and fuel type. GoFleet removes the manual component of tracking each individual receipt and calculating the fuel tax amounts, helping management improve accuracy and reduce time.

What is IFTA?
It is an agreement between 48 states in the United States and 10 provinces in Canada. IFTA makes it easier for IJCs to register, license, report and pay taxes for motor fuels. It is a voluntary program.

    Benefits of Registering
  • • One fuel license to operate in the US and Canada
  • • One state/province to deal with for the IFTA license and to report motor fuel taxes
  • • One state/province that collects the motor fuel taxes from you and distributes them to all IFTA states and provinces

Tax Refund for Power Takeoff (PTO) Equipment

Power Takeoff (PTO) equipment refers to auxiliary equipment of a licensed motor vehicle that uses fuel (clear diesel fuel, gasoline and propane) from the vehicles fuel tank(s).

    Examples of PTO equipment:
  • • refrigeration units
  • • cement mixers
  • • power vacuums, pumps and blowers
  • • aerial buckets, lifts and cranes

Do I qualify for a Power Takeoff Tax Refund?

    To qualify for a PTO tax refund, you have to meet all these conditions:

  • • the power from the PTO tank does not propel the motor vehicle
  • • the PTO equipment uses fuel from the licensed vehicle’s operating fuel tank
  • • the vehicle is not used in anyway to transport passengers
  • • the PTO equipment is not used for personal, pleasure or recreation
  • • you paid fuel tax to the province/state you are claiming the refund

Easily track your PTO usage with PTO Tracking Software.

Ontario Application for Refund: Auxiliary Power Take Off (PTO) Equipment

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