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Snow Removal & Winter Maintenance Vehicle Tracking Systems

snow removal winter maintenance vehicle tracking systems

Vehicle & Truck Tracking Devices

If you are the owner, operator or manager of a business specializing in winter maintenance and snow removal then you understand the importance of cutting costs when possible in order to succeed. GoFleet’s vehicle & truck tracking devices are a great investment for any business, no matter the fleet size, to help you improve productivity and efficiency while decreasing costs and increasing profits. This can help you to increase the longevity of your company and ensure your success; with our system you will quickly see a return on investment.

Some benefits of vehicle & truck tracking devices working along side with your snow removal & winter maintenance business include:

  • Notification When Vehicles Arrive/Depart Job Sites
    Get notified when a vehicle arrives or departs from a specific job site or location to always keep track of your teams operations and flawlessly monitor the work-flow throughout the day. If you notice you get an alert that a crew has arrived and 3-4 hours go by and you haven’t gotten the alert for them leaving the site, you can call to find out what the problem is and send more people to help if necessary.
  • Route and Dispatch Optimization
    Route optimization is one of the assisting factors in reducing fuel costs and also decreasing the amount of travel time to the next location. Having access to vehicle location and status 24/7 allows fleet managers and/or dispatchers to send the closest crew or truck to the next snow removal site. This can be done quickly and easily through Garmin integration with our GO device and will also supply step-by-step directions to the drivers.
  • Locate lost or stolen equipment
    Our vehicle & truck tracking devices will ensure your assets will be monitored 24/7; if anyone was to steal a piece of equipment or vehicle, you would be able to track where they were taking it in real-time, alert the police, and then track down the vehicle as well as the person who stole it.
  • Monitor After Hours Vehicle Usage
    If your employees take company vehicles home, you will also be able to monitor after hour usage to make sure your vehicles are not being used for any side jobs.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums
    Many insurance companies will offer a discount to organizations using a GPS tracking system in their vehicles. Also, with the system you will be able to monitor driver behavior and correct any bad driving habits as they occur; by reducing speeding occurrences and other negative habits.
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption
    Fuel consumption is a big expense for snow removal and winter maintenance companies; monitoring fuel usage is crucial in eliminating high fuel costs and keeping them under control. Implementing a GPS management solution for your snow removal fleet will assist in eliminating wasted fuel costs in areas such as: monitoring idling time, idling reports, fuel usage reports, audible in-vehicle alerts for aggressive driver behavior, efficient route planning and more. In addition, we offer a fuel card add-on to verify and track fuel transactions from your drivers.
  • Time Card Accuracy with Truck Tracking Devices
    Monitoring your vehicles in real-time allows you to also monitor when the drivers begin and end their shifts. There will be no room for error; you can set up alerts to be notified when drivers enter and exit specified zones and/or when a vehicle starts and shuts off.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs with Preventative Maintenance Reminders
    With everything that goes on day-to-day you are bound to forget which vehicle needs an oil change or other maintenance. Our system allows you to add maintenance reminders to each vehicle to alert you when a vehicle needs to go in the shop. Not only will this help you stay organized, it’ll help keep your vehicles running efficiently.
  • Salter/Sander Monitoring
    Our system offers integration with Dickey John’s Monitoring System. You will be able to view on a map which roads have been salted, eliminate wasted material, track distance and quantity of salt used, and track time being spent applying materials.

These tracking and fleet management system benefits will ultimately help decrease costs and increase productivity. It is vital to be aware when vehicles move from one location to the next to ensure all the jobs for that day are completed. If too much time is being spent at one location and not enough at another, you will be able to see this information and communicate with your employees to improve your business.

In addition to our GPS tracking and fleet management system we also offer a variety add-ons to improve your day to day business operations even further. Not only will you get the fleet management capabilities of the GoFleet Geotab system, you will also have the option to add-on Dickey-John control monitoring (salter/sander monitoring), tire pressure monitoring and camera integration; these solutions integrate seamlessly with our fleet management system so all your fleet information is easily accessible in one place.

Learn how GoFleet’s GPS fleet management services and other solutions can be tailored to meet your business needs to benefit you.

Talk to a fleet management consultant for more information.

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