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    3rd Party Integration

    Custom Integrations

    Syncs data between Geotab and other 3rd party management systems (ie. ERP, SAP, PFW, Zoho CRM, SalesForce, etc).

    Bus ETA

    Real-Time Updates of Arrival Times

    Bus ETA allows managers to give the real-time location of arriving Buses/Shuttles & real-time updates of arrival times for various stops.

    City Map Tools

    Heatmap, Proximity & Route Playback

    GoFleet's City Map Tools are a diverse set of add-ins (Proximity, Route Playback, Heatmap) designed to enhance management of regional and municipal fleets.

    Custom Map Base Layers

    Create Map Layers in MyGeotab

    Custom Map Base Layers displays live vehicle locations against current weather, toll routes, truck routes, restricted roads and other base layer maps.

    Driver Distraction Camera

    Driver Distraction Camera with Facial Recognition & Alerts

    The Driver Distraction Camera alerts drivers when they are distracted, or showing signs of fatigue. The camera reads facial gestures such as eyelids closing or squinting, head nodding, yawning, drinking, eating, and more!

    NFC Driver ID

    Driver Activity Tracking

    Designed to identify which drivers are operating which vehicles in a fleet at any given time.


    Weigh Station Bypass Service

    PreClear rewards your hard earned safety score by providing bypass opportunities at fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites - right on your in-cab device, eliminating the need for transponders.

    Integrated Dash Cameras

    Fleet Camera Systems

    Capture what happens inside & outside the vehicle in real-time, in high-resolution video in the case of a traffic incident.

    Flex Solar Powered Asset Tracker

    Solar Powered Asset Tracking

    The Flex Solar Powered Asset Tracker is a solar-powered tracking solution that is used to monitor positions of large assets such as trailers, heavy equipment, dry containers and much more.


    Fuel Card Integration

    Use your existing fuel card and view and confirm fuel expenditures daily, eliminate fuel theft, & realize the ROI through this integration and our GPS software.

    Garmin 2 Email

    Driver Responses Sent to Email

    Allows for driver response messages to be sent via email to the respective users/dispatchers.


    Advanced Navigation + HOS System

    Navigation system that ranges from basic capabilities (messaging/job dispatch) to more advanced control and interaction (sensor alerts, HOS).

    Geo Feed

    Continuous Feed in a Specified Format

    Sends periodic emails or a continuous feed within a specific format (XML, CSV, SHP, etc.) on specific Geotab data fields.

    Geotab 2 ArcGIS

    View Geotab Data on ArcGIS

    Send Live Tracking, Trips, and Rule Exceptions to ArcGIS Online. ArcGIS Online is updated live with current location of vehicles by group and can show vehicle icons against the group.

    Geotab Drive

    ELD Solution for HOS + DVIR

    Geotab Drive is a smart Driver app for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Syncing data between the Geotab GO device and the tablet, it works in conjunction with MyGeotab software to provide Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting and an FMCSA compliant HOS solution.

    Geotab Garmin ELD Bundle

    Geotab Garmin ELD Bundle

    The Geotab GARMIN ELD Bundle is an efficient and fully dedicated fleet platform for tracking, managing, and sharing records of duty status (RODS).