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Satellite Tracking Software For Transportation Vehicles

satellite tracking software for transportation vehicles

Truck GPS Tracking Systems

Excellent customer service is the backbone to success in the transportation industry. Knowing where your assets are located at all times and being able to give accurate arrival times to customers are crucial to ensuring high level of customer service and efficiency within your fleet. In addition to the daily challenges of managing compliance, high fuel costs, ensuring optimal routes and delivery times, a fleet manager’s responsibilities are quite demanding. Go Fleet offers powerful truck fleet tracking solutions for transportation to help fleet managers get control of their fleet with real-time gps tracking, dispatching and behavior alerts to help improve response time and customer service.  Measuring performance against best practices to develop trends which will help you reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

Go Fleet offer’s industry leading features and benefits for the transportation industry. Some of these features include:

  • Route and Dispatch Optimization
    Route optimization is one of the assisting factors in reducing fuel costs and also decreasing the amount of travel time to the next customer location. Having access to vehicle location and status 24/7 allows fleet managers and/or dispatchers to send the closest crew or truck to the next location or outage. This can be done quickly and easily through Garmin integration with our GO device and will also supply step-by-step directions to the drivers.
  • Hours of Service Log Books
    We offer a paperless log management solution to reduce the likelihood of errors that normally occur from manual entry. Geotab Drive is the easy solution to your HOS and DVIR needs.
  • IFTA Management with Truck Fleet Tracking
    Heavy commercial vehicles operating between states or provinces must track all fuel expenses based on location and fuel type. To make this easier, GoFleet removes the manual component of tracking each individual receipt and calculating the fuel tax amounts, helping management improve accuracy and reduce time.
  • Thorough Diagnostics of Vehicles
    Because our truck GPS trackers plug right into the vehicles ECM, you will have access to the vehicle fault codes without having to take it into a mechanic. You will also be able to identify fuel usage, fuel ups, engine temperature, odometer, PTO and much more.
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption
    Fuel consumption is the largest expense for transportation companies; monitoring fuel usage is crucial in eliminating high fuel costs and keeping them under control. Implementing a truck GPS tracking solution for your transportation company will assist in eliminating wasted fuel costs in areas such as: monitoring idling time, fuel usage reports, efficient route planning, audible in-vehicle alerts for aggressive driver behavior and more. In addition, we offer fuel card integration to verify and track all fuel transactions made by your drivers.
  • Improved Customer Service
    With improved dispatching and routing, and knowing where your drivers are 24/7 you will be able to give accurate arrival times to your customers increasing the chances of repeat business and referrals.
  • Reduction of Overhead Costs
    Eliminate unnecessary overtime, unauthorized vehicle usage, billing discrepancies and excessive fuel consumption by utilizing our many customizable reporting options.
  • Complete Compliance with Government Regulations
    Being compliant with government regulations can often be a hassle but with Gofleet’s HOS & DVIR compliance options you will never need to worry again.

GoFleet has over 10 years of experience working with transportation fleets. GoFleet’s client service team works closely with transportation fleet managers to achieve their specific strategic goals and objectives. If you have any questions about how GoFleet’s vehicle tracking devices can help you with your day to day transportation operations; please feel free to contact our client service team to find out more about the tools we can offer to aid you within the transportation industry.


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