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Rental Cars Real Time GPS Tracking System

rental cars real time gps tracking device system fleet management

Rental Car Tracking Systems

The rental car industry can be both a profitable and risky business; however, there are some things that you can do to eliminate the risk that comes with renting your valuable assets to complete strangers. A rental car tracking system is a great way to insure and protect your rental vehicles so that you can easily track and locate any of your cars in the event of an untimely return. For your rental car company you want to do all that you can to protect your assets and keep your day to day operations profitable so why not install a powerful rental car fleet management system to ensure that you are doing all you can to decrease monetary loss of assets due to theft, misuse or accidents.

Here are additional benefits that you can experience within the daily operations of your rental car company with a car tracking system:

  • Real-time alerts on theft
  • Monitor Dings/Bumps through the accelerometer impact
  • Avoid missing out on damages
  • See aggressive driving and vehicle abuse immediately
  • Quickly Identify the Location of Your Fleet
  • Easily Recover Unreturned Vehicles
  • Customize Geofences for a Designated Region
  • Be Alerted When a Vehicle Leaves a Designated State or Region
  • Easy to Use Customizable Interface
  • Easily Update Renter Information for Each Vehicle

Vehicle tracking solutions are an essential investment for rental car companies and can even decrease insurance premiums for business owners. The small investment that you will make to employ a GPS system will quickly pay for itself by saving you money by preventing lost or stolen vehicles from costing you tens of thousands of dollars each year.

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